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Our Story 01

Our Story

We have been able to identify that microfinance professionals need adequate tools to perform well. We have also been able to identify the areas in which these professionals can leverage on to bring out the best in what they do. All this gave birth to the creation of a microfinance e-learning platform that meet the need of every student.
It has taken us several years to perfect what we are offering and we do hope it makes a positive impact to the microfinance community.

What we offer 02

What we offer

Lheon Consulting e-Learning solutions bring learning technology to the doorstep of every microfinance institution and professionals yearning for perfection for their workforce while performing microfinance operations.
Today’s busy world and the need to meet set target will definitely take a toll on the working time of you and your staff, and this is why we created a microfinance e-learning and training platforms that meets the demand for quality microfinance courses. Thus, bringing the best out of your workforce.

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This microfinance e-learning platform will strengthen institutional capacity of microfinance banks by introducing quality training and topics relevant to MFBs activities. It is also designed to meet the needs of microfinance professionals and practitioners, policy makers and regulators, staff and students who intent to improve their knowledge on microfinance best practices. It is useful for participants who wish to develop their microfinance training skills.

Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


To increase the knowledge of microfinance practitioners by introducing a conducive learning environment through appropriate and applicable learning structure.


Lheon e-Learning solutions bring learning technology to the doorstep of every microfinance institution and professionals yearning for knowledge and perfection.


Our courses can be taken anywhere and anytime “on-the-go” and on any devices. We introduce educative quiz to enhance learning while offering a membership or one-time offer option. This comes with flexible studying mode.


Our training models features unique blend of approach which consist of well-paced distance learning platform, dedicated and professional microfinance tutors. Assignment, feedback and grading system, Certificate presentations.


This course is accessible to learners in every country and currency.  Payment checkout is done via popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, BACS, Cheque and even Cash.


Courses are prepared and presented in documents, presentations, images, and video formats, allowing for easy assimilation.

Partnering with lheonlearning to deliver quality microfinance course is a sure privilege that i am not taking for granted. It's sure feels good to be part of a dynamic team to give out so much at little cost
It's quit interesting that lheon learning offers so much for so less. I implore you to take one of the course offered on lheonlearning and you'll be glad you did.
Lheonleaning courses are so unique. Its educative and tailored towards the desire of microfinance professional that want to grow in their chosen career
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